Why Deadpool Is My New BoPo Spirit Animal

20150214_185614My husband wanted to see dead pool for our Valentine’s Day/Anniversary. (Yes, we got married on Valentine’s Day. Everyone celebrates our love. You are welcome.)

I knew what I was getting into, and was actually excited. Who doesn’t love a Ryan Reynolds in a spandex suit? And the filthy humor is right up my alley.

Here is what I didn’t expect. As I was watching Deadpool beat the snot out of bad guys, I realized his power comes from his lack of fear. He knows he will survive any damage. He is truly invisible.

What if we all lived our lives this way? Of course, I’m speaking metaphorically. I’m not suggesting you believe that you are immortal, and no bullet or car accident is going to harm you.

What I mean, is what if we all lived our lives like the words and attitudes of those around us just bounced off? What if we believed that no one could damage us with their words, actions, and attitudes? Sure, they cause a hole for a moment, but our bodies will just close that shit up and we will survive.

What if we all realized that we truly, kick ass?

20151005_093717I think if we all believed that no one has the capability of hurting us permanently, we would all live a more fulfilling life. No more worrying about judgement. No more nights wasted wondering if our mere presence is disruptive. What dreams would we strive for if we didn’t take into account how others will react?

So, channel your inner Deadpool ladies. Remember, that though it may sting for a moment, the words and actions of others are meaningless.

They are the opinions of sheep.

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