I Don’t Want To Shop Next To The Tire Section Either, Ms. McCarthy.

I was scrolling through Facebook, and I came across Purple Clover’s article on Melissa McCarthy and her desire to eliminate “plus size” sections in stores. McCarthy makes an excellent point that when over 70% of the population is size 14 or higher, is it necessary? Of course not, but that’s not what confuses me.

Comment1What confuses me is the people who actually deny the logic of the idea. If you look at the comments from the post you’ll find a good group of people absolutely against the idea. And the reasons are insane!

Of course clothing size matters. Obviously McCarthy isn’t trying to do away with sizes over 14, she just wants to eliminate the label that goes with them. What a person decides to wear is really no one’s business but theirs. Why is the world filled with people who believe it is there job to police wardrobe choices? Comment2

“It’s okay to be a bigger girl, just don’t show the world HOW big you are.” This blows my mind. Absolutely BLOWS my mind. Why does anyone have to hide who they are from the world. First off, if anyone doesn’t like how you look they have the freedom to look elsewhere. Secondly, anyone should be able to wear whatever makes they happy. If that happens to be a look you don’t agree with, too bad.


Of course, there are concern trolls everywhere. The idea that someone who is wearing a size larger than 14 could also be working on on their health is just too much for people to bare. It would be impossible for someone of any size other than what these trolls deem healthy to be avid hikers, dancers or even dedicated gym rats. For the record, there are some “plus size” people who are stronger, faster, and frankly in better actual shape than you are. Just sayin’.

I think it’s pretty messed up to say women should wear appropriate sizes, but not want to offer comment4them in the same clothing section with every other size. It’s not encouraging obesity to “let” women of all sizes shop in the same section as “regular” people (of course, remember than women under size 14 are currently a minority). If anything, making women “shop next to the tire section” is discrimination. I think these people should ask themselves why it is so important that “regular” sizes and “plus” sizes not be on the same rack next to each other. Should my clothes not 20150110_152314touch your clothes? I sure wouldn’t want to come in contact with your ignorance, either. Perhaps I’ll accidentally catch it.

I say, good work Melissa McCarthy. I look forward to seeing your brand, seven7, in stores. I welcome the day when I can go shopping with my “regular” sized friends and not have to go to separate ends of the store. I’m excited that there may be a day when I don’t have to choose between a dress I love that is a size too small and a dress I hate but is the only one in my size. It’ll be a welcome step in the right direction.