2015 Recap – 2016 Goals

IMG_56396246643012015 was a banner year for growth. For me, for my son, for my family. I’m happy to attribute so much of this growth to really thinking about what I wanted my year to look like. Here is my Recap/Scorecard of my 2015 Resolutions:

My Son:

-I will focus on having positive interactions with my son: I would actually say this was a real success. My husband and I both have worked hard to find ways we can get into our son’s world. 

-I will focus on supporting my son’s therapeutic goals at home: Maybe, not so much. This year has been about making his home his sanctuary, and a place to be who he is. 

-I will work on incorporating at least one-hour of non-screen time into our routine: Something we are still working on, but we have definitely focuses on this throughout the year. 

-I will work on providing my son with more time outside everyday: I have absolutely gotten more comfortable with taking him outside, especially by myself. When we have good weather, we do a pretty good job of getting out to a park at least 2 to 3 times a week. I’m having a tough time with this when the weather is poopy, but I think most parents do. 

-I will work on getting my son potty trained: Ha! Hahahahaha! Maybe next year. 

-I will work on getting my son to eat at the table: I call this a no, but it’s not for lack of traying. 

20150909_181618I will continue to eliminate “sippy cups”, replacing them with real cups for every meal: I completely forgot we were still using sippy cups last year. We’ve been sippy cup free for what feels like ever!!!! 

-I will continue the Family Park Tour with hopes to complete in 2015: We did get some parks done. Unfortunately, most of the parks we have left on our tour were closed to the public for most of the spring/summer. This should be completed in 2016. 

Home Life:

-I will find ways to create new, positive memories, with my husband at least once a week: I was better at this in the beginning of the year, and fizzled out after a while. I think the biggest problem I have is I’m stuck trying to do what society considers dates and alone time. This doesn’t really work for us. We don’t get a lot of alone time. We have to make due with what we have, and what money we can spare. 

-I will work on making my work at home a higher priority: This ebbs and flows for me. Certainly something I could stand to work on. 

20151101_155233-I will continue to learn how to fuel my body, and my family’s body, in a more nutritious way: I will call this one a success. I have really gotten better at getting away from processed food and incorporating more fresh things into my family’s diet. 

-I will put more effort in learning how to cook, by cooking a new meal from scratch at least once a week: I feel like I have mastered this step, for sure. I feels weird if I’m not cooking dinner at night now. 


-I will continue to explore the concept of being body positive: Duh! I love my BoPo journey. 

-I will continue to find ways to be active every day: Not so much. I did get a lot better about participating in “active” activities. I no longer assume whether I can or can’t do something. 

-I will attempt to battle my uneasiness with traditional exercise: Wait, I was suppose to do this? Oops. 

-I will continue to seek out new experiences that challenge my beliefs of what I am capable of and what I may or may not enjoy: Absolutely! I’ve really grown into myself this year. 

-I will continue my goal of seeing every accessible waterfall in Oregon: Of course this happened. I only have two waterfalls left in my close vicinity. They definitely are getting checked off my list in 2016! 

-I will try to do an open mic comedy at least once this year: I wrote about this briefly. Though, there was a development right after posting. They have brought Open Mic back! So, this will be added to my 2016 goals, and will be checked off on January 5th. Yay me.

-I will focus on staying in contact with friends, making plans with them, and not putting meeting new people ahead of my current friends: This is another one of those that I could probably have done better. But, I also did a pretty decent job of not putting new connections ahead of current friends, either. 

-I will work on expressive more positive thoughts and opinions, while suppressing my desire to express negative ones: I feel like I do a relatively decent job here. I’m sure I have room to grow. I am certainly guarded who I speak negatively to, and even more selective when it comes to what I’m negative about. I think being involved in the Body Positive community helped me with this quite a bit.

-I will continue quit smoking: I think the majority of the year I was smoke free. Though, I can’t say that about myself right now. 

-I will find ways to put money into a savings account: Ha! Wait, what? 


-I will find a way to monetize at least one of my hobbies (open an etsy store/participate in craft fairs, tutor people in line dancing, create and monetize a line dance youtube channel, do social media work for companies, ect.): Didn’t happen. Not even close. I love my hobbies, and what I do. I do want to try to branch out into youtube videos though. It is time. 

-I will continue to line dance at least two nights a week: Do you even know me? I think I maybe missed a handful of evenings. 

cropped-ipockolypse-e1440388096419.png-I will attempt to choreograph a new line dance once a month: This didn’t happen much. I’m still trying to evaluate where I went sideways on this one. 

-I will let go of my desire to manage COG and the sub-groups alone, and will find someone interested in being an admin as well: Not only did I this, I managed to pass on the responsibilities to someone who is amazing. 


Truth be told, I feel like there was quite a bit learned about goal setting in general for 2015. When your looking at goals for an entire year, it can be hard to keep track of them. The goals that were broken up into more accessible, measurable, pieces stuck in my mind better. 

I also had a wonderful light bulb moment thanks to Power, Peace, and the Porch Gym. Her approach to habit goals is almost revolutionary. I’m excited to use her method for 2016. I’ve spent the last week or so thinking about my goals, and how I format them to fit this model. I’m excited for what I have come up with.

2016 Goals


The numbers are based on thinking about the year as 10 months (instead of 12) or 50 weeks (instead of 52.) I have a couple one and done goals, but the rest of the are measurable and track-able.

I also started using Habitica. It’s a web & phone app that “Gamifies” your life. I love playing games on my phone. I love RPG’s. I love anything that rewards me for adulting. I feel like this is a real step up from the boring To-Do lists and trackers I’ve been using. I will be using a Google Drive spreadsheet for my long term goals as well. (And I made myself a daily for that, so I get points for it. Yay!) I’ll let you know how it goes.

What’s on your goal/resolution list for 2016? Do you have a plan?



9 thoughts on “2015 Recap – 2016 Goals

  1. Great work. Sounds like hot got a lot done and a lot in motion to improve. I think I did pretty well. I got much to improve on. I started so late in the year because I was fighting through a bad depression period. I’m going to evaluate where I stand now and where I’d like to be next year. You’re ideas are solid!

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  2. I love the idea to try 50 new recipes!!! You could even let us know what you tried and write a quick “review” once a week. As much as I love reading food blogs and what not, I also think there’s a real need for a normal person to say, “Hey, this worked for me/didn’t work for me because XY and Z.”

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