Give Yourself The Gift Of Self-Love

wp-1448999133321.jpgI used to spend the month of December in self-reflection hell. It meant I only had a month to get everything on my resolutions list done (remember that thing from January you’ve forgotten about?) It also meant having a month to think about everything I wanted to change about myself.

This year is different. I don’t need self-hate to motivate me into the new year. I don’t have to fight my body composition to win my self worth.

I know that putting pressure on myself doesn’t help me deal with my nervous habits.

I know that I will never fit the narrow definition of perfect. No one does.

Though, I’m disappointed I put off trying Stand Up Comedy. By the time I got the courage to try it, there was no longer open mic comedy nights. Either I’m going to have to travel to a bigger city (which I suppose is an option) or release this goal into the nether. It was one of the many lessons I learned this year: Some challenges in life you are never ready for. You have face them now, or never get the chance.

IMG951083I don’t need a new year to create new goals for myself. I have spent 12 months working on the goals that matter. I continue to work on my journey towards becoming fully body positive. I saw some new waterfalls. We did a couple parks for our park tour. I’ve even learned how to cook some great, healthy food. (This time last year, I was still slightly afraid of raw meat and my slow cooker.) 2016 will be another year full of loving myself as I am, and embracing all the wonderful thing I can, and already, do.

I can love and support without reservation, because I am worthy. I can befriend without fear, because I am a good person. Radical Self Love isn’t just about being able to love how you look in the mirror. It’s about letting go of any negative thoughts about yourself. It’s about believe you are a decent person worthy of the space (no matter how much) you take in this world.

If I could give my friends any gift this holiday, it would be radical self love. They deserve to see themselves how I see them: Beautiful, amazing human beings who light up this world. I wish they knew the differences they make in peoples lives, and how perfect they really are.

wp-1448999148219.jpgUnfortunately, radical self love isn’t purchased in a store, put in box, and wrapped up with a gorgeous bow. Radical self love is a gift you truly give yourself everyday, all day. When you look in the mirror, when you chase your passion, and when you give unyielding love to those around you.

Give your self the gift of freedom. Pamper yourself with the gift of radical self love this season. You are wanted. You are loved. You are worthy.


34 thoughts on “Give Yourself The Gift Of Self-Love

  1. “If I could give my friends any gift this holiday, it would be radical self love. They deserve to see themselves how I see them: Beautiful, amazing human beings who light up this world. I wish they knew the differences they make in peoples lives, and how perfect they really are.”

    THIS! Love it! Yes I want to give the gift of radical self love to all my friends as well ❤

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  2. Omg wow we are thinking in the same level. We are so hard on ourselves these days. We need to give ourselves some credit to how far we have come and take a breather. Everyday is such a blessing. Thanks for sharing


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  3. Katie- you are the mother freaking bomb! I think the majority of the problems in the world these days come from people who, instead of loving themselves, are looking for validation from others. Cheers, what a great post. xo

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  4. I can so relate to what you write here, actually the beauty of it is, that you put it in such a way that many can relate or at least think “that’s where I want to be”. I thunk the freedom and relief that comes from loving ourselves without condition is amazing and difficult. It’s a daily practice I guess. Yet at the same time we give this love to other people, we don’t look at our friend and think “You deserve to be happy but only after you lose 15 pounds”. I really appreciate your post, your words resonate…Have a wonderful month!

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  5. Beautifully written! I’m coincidentally doing a month of self-love on my blog so I shared your post on my Facebook page. We’re always the hardest on ourselves.

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  6. I love this article. I love the idea of giving radical self love to our friends… even more so, I love the idea of giving it to myself. So thank you, that’s what I’ll be doing this December! Loving me!

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  7. Well said. I work with someone who commits to doing something new each week (or essentially 52 new things a year, even if there are 2 in one week). It’s not the typical resolution type thing. Some are things like trying a new food or a recipe and some are bucket list items like skydiving. What I love about her approach is that it just gets her in the mindset to try new things to enrich her life and embrace it. To be honest, she’s one of the most positive people I know!

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    • I love that idea! It’s awesome. I would be lying if I said I don’t have my eye on some goals for 2016. There is certainly a difference between wanting to change yourself because of a negative image of yourself, and striving for new experiences. It’s a fine line, but it’s there! ❤


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