What Happened When I Chased The Dragon Away

Last night, I took some time to step outside and catch the Supermoon Lunar Eclipse. The eclipse reminded me of an episode of Big Love, where the First and Second Wives and their daughter stood in their backyard banging pots and pans. This referenced an ancient Chinese myth that an eclipse was caused by a dragon who was trying to eat the Sun or Moon. They would make as much noise as possibly to scare away this dragon, who is now immortalized as a constellation of stars known as Draco.

As I was thinking about this, I realized how often I “bang my pots and pans” against my own adversity. Not just body positive stuff, but in general. When I come up against a road block of some sort, I tend to make a large amount of noise until it goes away. Eventually, the situation works out for itself and the challenge is overcome.

But, I’m beginning to wonder, if this is also a false correlation. Maybe my problems would resolve themselves without all this noise. Maybe I don’t have to yell, and scream, and fight in order to get the resolution I desire. I will eventually move away from the shadows of my problems to be fully lit up by all the wonderful things in my life.

When someone upsets me, I tend to want to vocalize my hurt. I want to sit down and verbally vomit all of my hurt and frustration. I want to bang my pots and pans in their face until their ears bleed and they are in as much pain as I am. The problem with these dragons in life, is it doesn’t change anything. I may feel better, and maybe even it resolves that particular situation, but in the end my noise making doesn’t make a bit of difference.

20150822_111131Instead, I should really stop letting this “dragons” put me in a shadow at all. What people say about us really has no bearing on our lives whatsoever, unless we let them. We decide whether they are the dragon trying to eat the light of our happiness, or if they are the moon that is being eaten by their own shadowy behavior.

So, the next time someone tries to put me in the umbra of their own fat phobia (or any other shady-ness), I’ve learned that they are really causing the eclipse in their own life. What they say doesn’t change my shine, nor does it change yours. We are all beacons of happiness and self-acceptance.





5 thoughts on “What Happened When I Chased The Dragon Away

  1. Great revelation! We have a temple to preserve – our mind, body, soul – and we allow those negative feelings in and have the power to push them out! I am not a noisy person, because I’ve learned that it only plants a seed that festers.

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