Does An Ear Infection Change My Worth?

doctor-563428_1280I had to go to the doctor’s office today, my second time in a week. It appears I have a stubborn ear infection. You should see the antibiotics that were just prescribed to me. They are huge! I’m still not sure how I’m going to swallow them. (Insert inappropriate joke here.)

As I sit here, trying not to focus on my ear, I realized something. I’m sick. I have something going on with my body. It is affecting my lifestyle. It’s hard to dance when your equilibrium is off. I can’t really go up into the mountains. I can hardly hear what anyone is saying.

Yet, I don’t think anyone would suggest that I look in the mirror and tell myself that I am a worthless piece of crap because I’m sick. It makes no sense for me to hate who I am because I have an ear infection. I certainly don’t think anyone would condone shaming me for my ear struggles.

Why is my weight any different?

It is perfectly reasonable to do everything I can to combat this ear infection (rest, antibiotics, ect) and still be able to say that I am a decent person who is worthy of love and happiness.

girl-850117_1280Furthermore, what if this ear infection doesn’t easily go away? What if I can’t just pop a few pills and be better in a week? Does that somehow make me inferior to those people who easily fight ear infections? No!

What if something more permanent comes from it, and I am no longer considered a typically healthy person? Would going deaf in my ear, or having balance issues, change my worth? No. I would still be able to say that I am a decent human being who is worthy of happiness and love.

I feel like I am constantly bombarded with messages that say being fat is unhealthy (don’t get me started) therefore I shouldn’t love myself. The opposing voices to the Body Positive movement want me to believe that I should feel guilt and shame because I am “unhealthy.” Yet, no one would make that same argument for someone with an ear infection, or any other health problems. You don’t have to be a certain weight or health to love yourself. The point is worth and health are mutually exclusive ideals.

Every person is worthy of love and acceptance.


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