How To Stop Giving Trolls Your Power



How To Stop Giving Trolls Your Power

I’ve been writing posts lately to dissipate the lie that being body positive is somehow the opposite of living a healthy lifestyle. (Read here, and here.) Those posts are for people who are thinking of becoming body positive, but worry it means compromising their health journey.

I find it so crazy that we live in a society where there is such a narrow definition of health and such a high standard for those who are “allowed” to pursue happiness.

That’s not the soapbox I’m on today. Today, I want to talk about concern trolls. Those pesky voices that fuel the fat phobia of our society. They are more like concern puppies, finding ways to pee all over every positive influence we have.

pet-423398_1280Concern puppies think they come from a good place. They say that they care about us, and want us to be healthy and happy. Because they are the (self appointed) saviors of our health, they think they have a divine responsibility to monitor and police everything we do. There is no comment too personal, no judgement too ignorant, for these super villains of body terrorism. It makes you wonder if they ever realize the damage they do to people’s mental health. If I actually care about someone, I attempt to not be a hurtful dick. Just sayin’.

They should have met my grandmother, who is probably watching Fox News in Heaven right now (don’t judge, Fox News was better back in the day.) She had a favorite saying: your rights only go beyond your nose. We should have gotten her saying that on video, so I could show it to those who need the reminder. We all have a right to the pursuit of health and happiness. Those rights do not extend to policing and micromanaging someone else’s journey.

giphyI wish concern puppies spent more time focusing on themselves, and less time worrying about me.Which is why I take my own advice. Fat phobics don’t do my aerobics. What I eat doesn’t make them &#*^. They don’t pay my bills, so I will pay them no mind. (Thank you, Mama Ru. Can I Get a Halleloo?)

It’s incredibly easy to turn these trolls into puppies when I think about what they’re working with. It’s about body currency. They felt like they have to work hard to pursue the unattainable ideal of beauty before they can find love and self-worth. (Check out the The Militant Baker post on the subject. Very enlightening.) You begin to realize these people are carrying around souls that have been corrupted by the dark side of the “health” industry. Add on the fact that body terrorism is the last acceptable “ims”, and we can understand why these puppies can’t keep themselves together.  They aren’t horrible people, just horribly misdirected. They probably were never loved as puppies, which is why they still try to pee on everything.

dog-658381_1280See? Isn’t it difficult to take them seriously now?

Unfortunately, this is where the puppy analogy ends. We can’t put leashes or muzzles on them or put down puppy pads to protect us their stream of hate. Though, there’s no harm in being the rolled up newspaper that swats them on the nose. Puppies needs to know their place.




3 thoughts on “How To Stop Giving Trolls Your Power

  1. I’m so thankful for my Mom, sisters, and friends who always want me to be healthy but never make me feel bad about myself.


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