There Are No Inferior Positions, Only Inferior Attitudes

I line dance on the weekends. Getting ready to dance means finding your place on the floor. If you are lucky enough to get a front row spot it is either a slow night, or you have been  nominated by the crowd around you to be front and center. It usually means that the people around you trust your knowledge of the dance and want watch your feet.

20141226_212702There were a couple times I was “nominated” for the front row. Yet, after a few minutes I found people pushing me out of their way. It was a combination of feeling invisible, and yet, obviously unwanted.

Luckily for me it doesn’t take much to change my spot mid dance. Being in the second row, or even the back row, doesn’t bother me much. The crowd is less competitive, and I don’t feel as much pressure to make the dance look good. (Okay, let’s be honest. I take more creative privilege knowing there aren’t people watching my feet.)

Like most deep thinkers, I thought this was an interesting metaphor for life. Some people will do whatever they deem necessary to be in the spotlight, even if it means pushing someone just as deserving behind them.

The key, for me, is letting go of my desire to be in the front row. Life isn’t about the spotlight, it’s about the dance. I have more fun being surrounded by people who are having a good time.

There are no inferior positions, only inferior attitudes.


2 thoughts on “There Are No Inferior Positions, Only Inferior Attitudes

  1. Katy, I absolutely LOVE your outlook on life. And you’re right. Life isn’t about the spotlight, it’s all about the dance. When we truly know ourselves, we can smile, step aside and let those who crave the limelight go ahead and go for it. Are we relinquishing our top spot? No. We already know how to get to the top and stay there. But it’s through a different route. One that doesn’t involve pushing and shoving. It’s a secret only some of us are lucky enough to have learned. 🙂

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