The World Is More Accepting Than I Think

This weekend I found myself almost in tears in my tent, with my son bouncing around, scripting lines from TV shows and my husband huffing about how I needed to calm down. It was almost 11pm, and I was sure the park hosts were going to come to our tent any minute and tell us we either needed to quiet down or leave.

Our lives are so easy most of the time, that I forget they haven’t always been that way. In the three (maybe four? goodness) years since we received our initial ASD diagnosis, we have grown leaps and bounds. We have grown accustomed to what our son needs, and have developed a home life that supports our son. Because of this, things are really pretty easy.

So easy that I forget that being taken outside of the protective shell of our home and put into a new environment without the same routines can cause behaviors we aren’t used to seeing.

See, our son was doing what he normally does at night. When we are home, however, he does it in his own room. It has become so common that I forget that it’s not everyone’s routine. It didn’t even occur to me that in a tent this routine would be a problem. I was not prepared to┬ábe the landing pad for his nightly jumping practice.

Was it worth the stress and worry? Absolutely not. No one was bothered by it, or at least no one felt the need to say anything. Except maybe my body, which whined a little that morning.

Even with the night time struggle, the weekend was a rousing success. He spent a lot of the time swimming, which is by far one of his favorite activities of all time! He stayed close to camp, most of the time, which is a huge success story! He even went on a little hike with us for a quick waterfall hunt.

Taking my son out of his routine can be tough, but it is also worth it. And, if this weekend taught me anything, it’s that the world is more accepting than I think it is. We can go on adventures, just like anyone else. It will be amazing.

2015-08-22 11.44.48


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