Letting It All Go


If you have kept up with my adventures at all, you know waterfalls are my thing. You probably also know that I always seem to gleam some sort of life lesson from each one I visit. I don’t consider myself an incredibly “crunchy” person. I certainly don’t understand a lot of the metaphysical, new-age spirituality, views on life. Yet, there is something about chasing waterfalls that brings a deep spiritual experience for me. Waterfalls feel magical. The water is incredibly cold but there is a tingle to is that I can only describe as magic. 20150809_155522

While dunking my head into Diamond Creek Falls, I felt at peace. I finally got permission, from who or what I’m not sure, to let things go. Maybe it’s because I was celebrating turning 30 and thinking about what I was leaving behind and what I was moving towards. It was like having weight taken off my shoulders, and feeling that weight flow into the river of the past.

I have always carried my past experiences with me. For the first time, I felt I could let them go. All those blemishes on what otherwise would be a happy life were washed away by nature. It’s okay to acknowledge mistakes, by myself or others, but I don’t have to care the weight of them anymore.

In that moment I acknowledged that the trials I have been through have made me the woman I am. I asked the universe for forgiveness for my wrong doings, and forgave those who’s trespasses still weighed heavy on my heart.

Now, a week later, I still have moments when I feel those old weights build up. It’s easier to shrug them off now. That was in my 20’s.


8 thoughts on “Letting It All Go

  1. The past is such an interesting force in our lives: On the one hand, we want to recognize where it brings us, but we also know that we don’t want it to control us!

    I love that picture, by the way!


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