Wearing A Bikini

I went shopping for a swimsuit last week. I wanted a two piece. I knew I was going to be hiking for 3 miles, so I knew I wanted something that I could wear hiking gear over. Because it was the end of the swimsuit shopping season, there were not many options in the stores. The only store I found something that fit was Target.

And, it was a bikini top with swim shorts.

When I first put it on in Target I was both thrilled and concerned. I had not worn anything with that little coverage in public in almost 8 years. It was a gag costume for a party I only really wore for about 15 minutes.

I certainly have never worn a swimsuit that was so “revealing.”

As I stood, staring at the mirror, all the amazing voices and influences I’ve had started 20150810_124221flooding in. It’s just a stomach. It’s just arms. What other people may think of my body or my swimsuit is really none of my business. What matter was if I was comfortable in it.

Standing in the hard Target light listening to teenage girls giggling about their swimsuits in the other stalls, I felt more comfortable in a swimsuit than I had in years.

The top was actually, incredibly supportive. It was one of the better “bras” I’ve worn hiking. The shorts were also perfect to hike in that weekend.

On the second hike, when we reached the hot springs and the sun beat down on us, I took off my tank top.

Not because I had anything to prove. Not because I wanted someone to tell me how I looked. But, because I was warm, and I knew it was going to feel amazing.

The great thing was, it felt amazing.




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