A Vent About Facebook Comments


The comments on the video are a perfect example of why you can’t win, sometimes.


Of course there would be a reason why this video isn’t *exactly* what it looks like, a woman challenging the societal brainwashing that you can only workout if you look a certain way. And, let’s be honest, why does it matter if she is a power lifter?


It would make no sense that someone just starting on a more healthy journey would still be “fat.” I mean, if your healthy your skinny, right? This idea that “fat” people can’t also be leading healthy, productive, lives is crazy.


So many people are talking about how she shouldn’t be doing this because it’s bad for her knees. Who says she doesn’t have a trainer? Who said she hasn’t been working on her form. Also, why is that any of your business, anyway? So, “big girls” are only suppose to do water aerobics and walk the mall? If there was a video of this woman doing low impact workouts, the same people would talk about how she’s not doing enough. Way to “concern troll.” Jerks.


I’m not even sure where to start with this one. Is it not enough for you outward-appearance-obsessed assholes that she is doing something most people can’t do.  Just say, “way to go” and move along. Go troll yourself, I bet you’ll find good material.

BnJSbhMIQAAHQ1lSo, what do we do about it? Well, the exact opposite of what I’m doing. Ignore these people. Let the concern trolls be entertained. Leave the haters to stew in their own putrid stew. Be you. Do you.

I had someone say to me the other day, “I don’t know how you can be so big and work out as much as you do. Maybe your doctor should check your Thyroid.” I just gave a smirk, and went back to planning my adventures.

Maybe the concern trolls would like to come along? I’d hate for them to get bored.




One thought on “A Vent About Facebook Comments

  1. Comments and thoughts like this are often what keep overweight people from getting healthy- they’re scared of what people will think, and I hate that it’s for good reason. Shame on anyone who discourages someone for trying to get healthy.

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