To The Mom In The Water: A Must Read

A new article is making the internet  loop lately. It is a letter published at Check it out, here: The Mom at the Water Park.

I love it when stories like these make the rounds. It’s a wonderful reminder for everyone that we can’t let ourselves be spectators in our lives. You can’t let yourself be held back by other people’s misconceptions. If you wait until everything is perfect to enjoy your lives, to be really present with your children, you will always be on the sidelines.

That’s not to say that I haven’t been struggling.

In a couple weeks I will be going on my birthday hiking trip. (I know! Someone overweight who lives a healthy lifestyle. Who’d a thunk it?) I will be playing in a waterfall (My fav!) and a lake. I will be surrounded by loving friends. Yet, I do struggle with the idea of wearing my swimsuit. Something about my “hiking uniform” has always made me feel more comfortable, and less exposed. Wearing my swimsuit will be a next step in this journey. And, really, what better way to ring in turning 30 then to practice the act of loving myself?  Well, and being surrounded by some of the best friends you can ever ask for!

Sometimes this journey isn’t about being perfectly confident all the time. For me, sometimes it’s about pushing forward, and still trying even when I am not confident. Letting what I know rationally be more important that what I am insecure about emotionally.

As a side note: I also love the way this article/letter highlights why we, the “veterans” of this movement have to continue to be role models. There are so many voices and influences telling women they are unworthy of the world if they do not fit a specific mold. The more of us that go out and truly enjoy our lives, unencumbered by the small minded thoughts of others, the more women will join us.

Confidence is contagious. Be a carrier.


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