John Burk: Another Example of Why People Are Getting Our Movement Wrong

Okay, I get some people are motivated by being called disgusting. Coming at “tough love” from this angle may help people. I acknowledge that there may be some people watching this video who have a “come to jesus” talk with themselves and used it as the starting point to change their lifestyle. And I say, good for them!

If you follow his advice, and do small changes at a time, you would still be labeled as disgusting and repulsive by this man. Who to say these people aren’t eating healthily the rest of the time? This is another example of someone believing they have right to make assumptions about someone’s lifestyle because of the small slice they see.

Don’t get me started on the parenting angle….

RamonaMr Burk, the body positive movement has nothing to do with ignoring my health. It has nothing to do with having an excuse to not put effort into my health or my families health. Despite what you may believe because of my outword apperance, I do actually care about my health.

The body positive movement has actually lead me to live a more active, healthy, lifestyle. Learning to separate my self esteem from my outward appearance has given me the confidence love myself. That confidence lets me go out in public, in spite of what people may think of me. I have the confidence to dance, and hike, in spite of the people who yell on the internet about how my very presence in public is repulsive for them.

You don’t pay my bills, Mr. Burk.


Just know, that as much good as you may be doing for some, you are also doing some damage. You are telling people, even young people, that if they do not stand up to society’s standard of beauty, that they are repulsive. And, even though they can take small steps to improve their outward appearance, until they adher to your sense of “acceptable appearance” they will be an unwelcome sight in society.

I hope you know how dangerous that is. I hope you know how triggering this is, and not just for the people people you are trying to reach.


And, I hope that those people who you’ve hurt see this. I hope they realize that not everyone is like Mr. Burk. You are allowed to love yourself. And, you are not repulsive. You are a welcome member of society, like anyone else. Do you. Whatever that may be. And, take Rupaul’s advice about not paying in no mind.

I used to hide at home, because of people like this. I still worry about judgments like this, in my weak moments. I worry someone may think that I am repulsive, and are disturbed by my presence in public. But, then I dance on anyway. I hike on anyway.

Fuck people like him. Seriously.



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