One Year Dance-versary!

I can’t believe I let such an important date go by without a post. Well, I know why I did, March was incredibly hectic!

The Timehop app gave a reminder on March 27th that it had been a year since I went to my first line dance lesson at Maverick’s Country Bar and Grill. It happened to be Friday night, so I could celebrate by dancing the night away. I’ll admit, I also bought myself a shot of fireball, which was a rare treat for a dance night.

Have you ever had a moment where you can’t imagine what your life would be like if you hadn’t made one tiny little decision? Taking a line dance lesson is such a minor thing, but I really think it changed the direction of my whole life.

I cannot imagine my life without dancing because I can’t imagine my life without my “dance friends” in it. It seem so natural to have these “regulars” in my life, and see them 2-3 nights a week. I miss them when one of them isn’t there. I miss them any night I can’t go. It’s dumbfounding to think I’ve only known all of them for, at the most, a year. Really, I’ve probably only gotten to know most of them in the last six months or so. I’m kind of a shy wallflower around people I don’t know. I celebrated my birthday with them. I rang in the new year with them. I’ve celebrated an embarrassing ER visit with them. They are like my second family.

I cannot imagine my life without dancing because dancing as become my favorite way of expressing myself. It hard for me to listen to any song and not start line dancing to it, or practicing some sort of partner dance with myself. I cannot fathom the idea of listening to music and staying stationary. How did I used to do that? It’s inconceivable. I have a hard time cleaning my house now. Every song makes me dance.

I cannot imagine my life without dancing because it’s how I turn my mind off. I equate this experience to a type of moving meditation. When I’m line dancing, or partner dancing, I stop thinking about what’s going on in my life. I stop worrying about my son, worrying about my marriage, worrying about my body type or my self esteem. When I’m really zoned in, and enjoying myself, the rest of the world seem to fade away. When I’m finished with the dance, and I’m sweaty and out of breath, whatever seemed to be bothering me before doesn’t seem as big of a problem.

Of course, I admit this isn’t always the case. (See the blog post I posted yesterday.) Usually I have a hard time turning off my fear of what other people are thinking of me when it’s a new dance I don’t quite know yet. But, that is another reason why I can’t imagine not having dancing in my life. I don’t know how I would have come as far as I have on my “Body Positive Journey” without dancing.

I cannot imagine my life without dancing because it’s an amazing creative outlet for me. I’ve begun to start choreographing line dances. My line dance, “That Bass”, is still occasionally played at Maverick’s. I don’t know if I will ever get over seeing a dance floor of people doing a dance I created. I currently have two more dances that are “finished,” but not yet shown to the world. I do have other creative pursuits, but nothing that gives me the same feelings of satisfaction as choreography.

I cannot imagine my life without dancing because it has given me so much confidence. Dancing is something I’m good at. I won’t say I’m the best, but I certainly do all right. It is amazing to feel how quickly I can get my body to learn new dances. It’s amazing to learn new dances like West Coast Swing. My husband is even taking West Coast Swing classes with me, which we would have never done had I not started this journey.

Never be afraid to try something new, or experiment with a new hobby. You never know how one simple class will change your entire world. You might even be unable to imagine your life without it a year later.


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