A Strong Response To Lillian Bustle’s TedX Talk…

I recently joined an amazing Facebook Group called “Body Positive.” It has opened up my eyes to some amazing ideas and resources about the body positive culture. It’s a wonderfully supportive group who even helped me through some really difficult moments in my body positive journey lately. It’s also such a great feeling to help build up the other women in this community.

Today a video came through of Lillian Bustle’s Tedx Jersey City talk, “Stripping Away Negative Body Images.” This talk is about the amazing connection between Burlesque and creating positive body images both for the performers and the audience.

The part of this talk that really struck me is when she talked about a quote from the performer “Fancy Feast.”

“Being beautiful is a decision that you make.” – Fancy Feast

This whole concept hit me like a wrecking ball. (haha). I still spend so much time waiting for, and wanting, other people to tell me I look beautiful. Even when I’m dancing, I’m looking around the side of the dance floor gauging the faces of the crowd. Are they watching me? Do they think I’m a good dancer? I am actively seeking approval.

When, really, the only approval I should be seeking is my own.

I have not started walking in the evenings, even though I can now with the time change, because I have no one to go with. Deep down, now that I think about it, it’s because I need someone to witness my willingness to do it. Maybe even compliment how far I can go.

 “You get to decide that you are gorgeous. You get to decide that you are powerful. You get to decide that you are amazing, and you get to decide you are worth looking at.” Lillian Bustle

I hope you get the light bulb moment I did. I love the power I am feeling coursing through my veins. I am worthy. I am powerful. I am beautiful.

And so are you!


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