Power & Magic: A Start To My 2015 Waterfall Season


Sahalie Falls



We decided to try a family waterfall adventure. I have been going on these amazing adventures on my own for the last year or so, leaving my husband and son home alone. My son had usually enjoyed “stimming” in dirt anytime he saw it. Only in the last couple months has he be able to walk past the dirt pile near the car. With this improvement, along with some great hand holding while walking, we decided our son might be ready to trying some light hiking.

The trip started with brunch at a new restaurant. Anyone with a kiddo on the spectrum, or any sort of developmental disability, knows how stressful this can be. I avoid eating in restaurant as a family. I become such a stressed out ball of nerves that it is no fun for anyone. However, in the spirit of togetherness, I agreed to try this today. My husband desperately wanted a good breakfast, and I desperately wanted see waterfalls. It was a good trade.

The restaurant must be known as kid friendly, because although there were few tables taken it seemed each one that was had a child. My son, my wonderful energetic son, was the most well behaved child there. He also sat in the booth, instead of in a high chair, and ate his entire breakfast. In general, it was a wonderful reminder that my son actually does well in restaurants. Most of the stress I feel is in anticipation of events and behaviors that don’t always happen.


We started at Sahalie Falls. It was a sight for sore eyes. My soul, which had been feeling so dry from lack of wilderness, was quickly quenched by the mist in the air. You could feel the waterfall as soon as you started walking towards the viewpoint, way before you see Sahalie itself.

The entire loop of the Sahalie and Kossah Falls hike is a little under three (3) miles long. Some day I will go back and do the entire loop. This trip, we just did the half mile between the two waterfalls. We walked back the way we came, making our entire walk about one (1) mile.

To be honest, I hadn’t planned on doing the walk. I was in ballet flats and a light cardigan. I thought my husband and I had agreed on just driving to both waterfalls (you can drive to both viewpoints if you don’t want to do any walking.) But, once we stood there watching the Sahalie my husband turned to the left and started walking.

Mr. and Little Ipockolypse

Mr. and Little Ipockolypse

I spent most of our walking to Koosah behind these two. I watching my son hold his father’s hand the ENTIRE way from one falls to the other. Even when we got close to the river’s edge, Little Ipockolypse stayed by our side. This is absolutely HUGE! I am so excited at the prospects for our family now. Instead of having to have these adventures alone, I can have them with my family. I can show my son all the world as to offer, and maybe help him feel the same peace I feel when out in the wilderness.

This also means we can make more varied plans for getting out of the house, away from the TV, Xbox, Tablet, and Nabi.



The first viewpoint you come to from Sahalie is the top of Koosah Falls. I admit, I hopped the fence (something I WILL NEVER ENCOURAGE) and got closer. I did not touch the rushing water, but I got to stand next to the apex and watching the power build as the water goes over the edge.

I have been very blessed to stand underneath waterfalls in the past. I have felt that magic tingle of their water. I’m not an overly “mystical” spirit, but I know what I feel when I am underneath a falls. I’m not sure what it is. I call it a tingle, but that doesn’t even quite do it justice.

This trip, I learned where that magic comes from.

Without hesitation, this water pushes itself over the edge. The water gains an amazing amount of power when it goes over. From this power comes that magical tingly sensation.

I stood in wonder of this, for what felt like eternity. What if I threw myself into my goals, over my fears, with the same trust as the water does before it goes over? Is it possible that from that leap of faith I could gain power, and from that power the magic of self-fulfillment? Would I feel that tingly sensation that comes from knowing you are exactly where you are suppose to be?

Koosah Falls

Koosah Falls

All and all, our family adventure was an amazing success. I look forward to many more this “season.”



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