Resolution Meal #2: Enchilada Balls


So, I’m about a week behind on these posts. It seems when I start this weeks meal I remember this I didn’t post about the last week’s. I suppose I’ll have to do two of them this week to get on track.

This week’s meal is currently in the crock pot. I’ve already had to called friends twice because of my own innocent confusion. My fingers are crossed and I’m hoping for the best.

I found these Enchilada Balls on pinterest about two years ago. I have a board called “If I knew how to cook” full of pins of stuff that looks delicious but I never thought I’d ever get to try.

Pin here.

Website with recipe here.


The ingredient list is small, but not a lot of what we currently had. My husband was initially hesistant to let me go shopping for the list by myself, and didn’t want to make a family adventure out of it. Apparently he had a lack of faith in my ability to recognize enchilada sauce in the aisle. He also didn’t want to wait a sunday evening at the store for such a small haul.

After some wife manuevering, I got him to let me go (without our son!) on a quick trip. I came home victorious. (Well, I did spend an awful lot of time in one particular aisle, but I won’t tell him that.)

The chicken is from a bag, already in strips, you find in the freezer aisle. I know I’m using the term “from scratch” loosely.


I followed the recipe to the letter, and mixed all the stuff up in a bowl. I immediately didn’t think it looked right but dismissed myself. What do I know, really?

At this point was when I realized that I really am scared of opening at can of rolls. I don’t know what, but I am. I’m a big ol’ scardy cat. I called a friend of mine who lives in the same complex and begged her to come open the can for me. But, like a good friend she refused. I ended up having to do it myself. It wasn’t as scary as I thought…. but I still don’t want to do it again.


Even though I got the jumbo rolls, they still seemed way to small for what I was expect to accomplish. I learned a valuble lesson… they get bigger later.

20150106_170921I had a hard time, in general, trying to keep the filling inside the rolls. The recipe made it sound so easy. My filling looked nothing like the original picture.

20150106_171047When I filled them all, I looked back at my bowl and realized I had over half of my filling left. After I put my Enchilada Balls in the oven I went back and reread the recipe.

Another valuable lesson was learned….

I had just assumed (my first problem) that I used the whole can of enchilada sauce. I only needed a 1/3 of a cup. I also only needed a couple tablespoons of the seasoning, not the whole bag. This explains why it was soupy, and why at least at this point, it looked like a fail.


I was shocked when I pulled them out. First, they got HUGE! I figured they would grow a little, I guess I had no idea they would get so big. They were almost a little too brown.

I didn’t mention the mistake to my husband at first, determined to see if the meal would be praised on it’s own. To my pleasant surprise, my husband absolutely loved it and said he would eat them again.


Even with the mistake, they really did turn out well. I’m hoping to try it again in the near future, this time paying closer attention to the recipe.

I would also like to try a taco ball variation sometime. Using hamburger, and taco seasoning, and such. My husband and his best friend have a game they play together called “taco ball.” Well, I don’t know if game is the right word. They through things at each others….. and yell “taco ball.”

It would be nice to have a double date meal commemorating that portion of their friendship.


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