Recap of 2014 – Resolutions for 2015


I can’t believe it’s the new year already? I think it’s a little crazy, honestly. I feel like the last half of the year just flew right by me.

Weight loss wise, I ended the year 22 pounds lighter than I started it. I consider it a real success, especially with my lack of focus on it for the last 3 months of the year. In non-scale victories is where I find my successes. I hunted waterfalls, learned to line dance, choreographed my own line dance, created new friendships, and in general found my light again. 2014 was a very productive year for personal growth.

On the autism front, I have a hard time feeling as successful. 2014 was a lot of standing still. I plan on making 2015 the year of the big boy, though. We already have eliminated sippy cups in the house. We are drinking out of big boy cups now. My son goes back to preschool today, and once we get back into our routine I hope to start changing things up a bit. I think this year will be the year we remove the high chair from the house. It’ll be a struggle and suck for a bit, but we can make it. It’s also time to start potty training again, or start the process. I’ve been dragging my feet on that, and need to get back on board.

As for 2015…..

I already talked about some of my goals for my son. Here is my gargantuan list of resolutions for this coming year:

My Son:

-I will focus on having positive interactions with my son

-I will focus on supporting my son’s therapeutic goals at home.

-I will work on incorporating at least one-hour of non-screen time into our routine

-I will work on providing my son with more time outside everyday

-I will work on getting my son potty trained

-I will work on getting my son to eat at the table

-I will continue to eliminate “sippy cups”, replacing them with real cups for every meal.

-I will continue the Family Park Tour with hopes to complete in 2015

Home Life:

-I will find ways to create new, positive memories, with my husband at least once a week

-I will work on making my work at home a higher priority.

-I will continue to learn how to fuel my body, and my family’s body, in a more nutritious way.

-I will put more effort in learning how to cook, by cooking a new meal from scratch at least once a week


-I will continue to explore the concept of being body positive.

-I will continue to find ways to be active every day.

-I will attempt to battle my uneasiness with traditional exercise

-I will continue to seek out new experiences that challenge my beliefs of what I am capable of and what I may or may not enjoy

-I will continue my goal of seeing every accessible waterfall in Oregon.

-I will try to do an open mic comedy at least once this year.

-I will focus on staying in contact with friends, making plans with them, and not putting meeting new people ahead of my current friends.

-I will work on expressive more positive thoughts and opinions, while suppressing my desire to express negative ones.

-I will continue quit smoking

-I will find ways to put money into a savings account


-I will find a way to monetize at least one of my hobbies (open an etsy store/participate in craft fairs, tutor people in line dancing, create and monetize a line dance youtube channel, do social media work for companies, ect.)

-I will continue to line dance at least two nights a week

-I will attempt to choreograph a new line dance once a month.

-I will let go of my desire to manage COG and the sub-groups alone, and will find someone interested in being an admin as well.

Overall, I will remember that goals are not accomplished over night. I will give myself room to mistakes. I will remember that many of these goals are about changes in habit and attitudes, thing that take time and discipline to change.

Yes, that list is rather extensive. I’m okay with it, though. I am not overwhelmed by it, or putting too much pressure on myself. A lot of these aren’t resolutions, but I was sitting down for goal setting I figured I might as well go all the way.

I spent a good week thinking about what I wanted to accomplish in 2015. I also spent that time really formulating a plan for how to accomplish these goals. For many of these, it is a matter of getting into a better routine at home. I found a great to-do list app,, for my phone. I spent a good part of a day getting all my daily, weekly, and monthly to-do plugged in. Now my phone annoys the piss out of me until I get something done. Already, I feel I am doing better at getting the daily stuff done around the apartment.

Some of the stuff on this list are mental changes, changes in attitude. That will take longer, more work, and probably will have to wait until later in the year. Sometimes I think I forget that resolutions aren’t meant to happen overnight, and it’s okay if it takes you until December 31st to get them done. For some of these, especially the positivity one, it will take me a long time get there. I also downloaded a gratitude journal app for my phone, which should also help me with my positivity goals.

It has been an interesting year, and I have so much to talk about as I tackle my list. Maybe I can get back into the swing of this blogging thing again.


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