Those Who Wander Are Not Always Lost… Though, I Have Been

I’ve lost my way in the blogging world. I think I just got out of the habit when we went on that vacation in July, and I just haven’t found it again.

My son’s birthday was in September. It actually went really REALLY well. I’ve been meaning to make a blog post about it specifically. We had a Super Why themed party, because he has really been into that show lately. My husband and I had really planned the party around the other kids who would be coming, because he just didn’t think he would really understand the concept. To our surprise, not only did he get it, but he also participated. It was amazing!


We also had our IFSP meeting. It did not go as well. It was the first meeting I left feeling like I am an absolutely horrible parent. I’ve always defending the amount of screen time our son gets, but after being guilted about it for almost two hours I’m starting to waver. I’m not sure what to do about it, but I’m sure with enough thought we can come up with some other things to do during the day, especially since it’s getting a little too cold to visit parks.

On the weight loss front….

I’m down 24 pounds total from the start of the year. I’m starting to feel like I’ll be lucky if I break 30 pounds lost this year. I keep reminding myself that it took years to get this heavy, it will probably take years to lose it. I have no interest in hard core dieting, or work outs that make me hate myself. A lack in these activities is probably slowing my weight loss potential, but I’m okay with it.

I still line dance 2-3 nights a week. I got told the other day it was “cute that I talk about line dancing like it’s a thing.” Which, whatever. I know it’s weird. But, I enjoy it and that’s what matters. I’ve found a way to incorporate line dancing at home in a way that makes me more motivated to do more “typical” exercises (push ups, crunches, burpess, ect.)

I am official two pants sizes down, from size 22/24 at the beginning of the year to a size 18. I feel like I am almost to the point I won’t have to shop in the plus size section anymore. I haven’t been able to look at the “ladies” section in years. Since my pregnancy I think.

As for the rest of my life, it’s pretty boring. I’ve been getting into reading, thanks to my book club. I’m starting to knit again, which has been nice. My husband and I just bought a new board game, and are finding a joy adding this to our routine at home. Even if our son doesn’t understand, he still gets to listen to us talk and interact which is good for him.


9 thoughts on “Those Who Wander Are Not Always Lost… Though, I Have Been

  1. I’ve missed your posts, but so glad you’ve only been gone because you got out of the habit. SO, so exciting about your sons birthday party. You are an awesome mom! Big congrats on the weight loss too!


  2. Two pants sizes?!!! That is nothing to sneeze at! We are now both the same size. Why don’t we keep each other accountable and see if we can’t get to size 14 by June 2015?! My end goal is 70kg. Never say never- we can do it! On my well days, I am aiming for 500-600 calories burnt a day. I am tracking all foods eaten on My Fitness Pal. You can find me as merrynrp and view my food diary (that setting is optional). On my less energetic days, I am aiming for at least a half hour moderately paced/ brisk paced walk (Runtastic on my phone helps me track it) and well, on days like today (a rare thing these days thankfully!)- bed bound and being careful with calorie intake especially.


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