9/19 Weigh-In, Check-In, and first milestone.

It’s Friday, which means it’s weigh-in day for my weight loss group. I’ve been feeling pretty stuck at 230 lbs for the last couple weeks. It was beginning to seem like I was not going to make it to my first 20 lbs mark.

I had finally started taking a water drinking challenge I committed to seriously this last week. I learned I need to drink seven of my water bottles a day, in order to be hydrated. I have yet to drink seven of them, but I am keeping my water bottle full and sipping throughout the day.

I have really fallen behind on my fitness challenge. My whole house has been sick, making it tough to want to exert that kind of energy. I’m going to try to catch up today, since everything seems to be getting back to normal.

I weighed in this morning, and finally lost 2 pounds. Getting me to my first 20 lbs lost milestone!


20 Pounds down


The sad thing is I can’t see a difference in this photos. I seem me closer and farther from the mirror. But, as for actual changes in my body, I don’t see any. I know I’m down almost two pants sizes. I know that jeans I used to wear are now too baggy, even to just wear around the house.

And, yet, I am extremely disappointed I don’t see a difference in these photos. I was really looking forward to photographic evidence at my 20 lbs loss.

Oh well, enjoy the victory right?

Screw you 20 lbs, you are never coming back!


22 thoughts on “9/19 Weigh-In, Check-In, and first milestone.

  1. Yes! That is great! Keep on, you can do it! Don’t give up! You are young! I will be 62 years old in December and I have lost 60 lbs just by cutting my food in half and praying a lot. I weighed 241 in May of 2013 and now weigh 182. My goal is 170, what it used to say on my drivers license before I got convicted of lying. Ha ha ! I have been on a plateau too for the last month and I have not met my water quota either. But we both are trying and that is what counts. You can do it! Failure is not failing down, it is not getting up to start over again . Keep going,


  2. Congrats! Huge milestone! I can totally see a difference. Tummy, bust, posture!

    I use PicsArt for my side by side collages. It allows me to zoom/crop the pics so I can get my body in the pics similar size for best personal visual results. šŸ™‚ my phones camera tools weren’t cutting it!


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