The First Day of our Last Year of Preschool



My son started Preschool again today. We are absolutely blessed to have an ABA therapy classroom that our son goes to three days a week. This service is provided, free of charge, by our school district. Our son is learning valuable preschool skills and classroom behavior. When we go to kindergarten next year (trying not to think about it) he will already have experience with classrooms.

I also feel blessed that our son is in an afternoon class this year. Last year we had to fight a lot of battles with having our son wake up on time, and half the time we couldn’t get him to eat before sending him off. You can imagine how much easier this will be with afternoon classes.

His first day went well. His teacher had a glowing report when I asked today when my son got home. I am also happy that my son’s teacher e-mails me back when I ask silly helicopter parent questions, like how his day went.

My husband and I also enjoyed the three hours together, since it was his day off. We went to some old book stores, and thrift shopping. It was a nice date afternoon.

Tomorrow, I put my son on the bus by myself since my husband will be back at work. I’m not as nervous about it, as I was yesterday.

So much win.


Trying to recreate the Capt. Picard Meme. I did not get the face right.



10 thoughts on “The First Day of our Last Year of Preschool

  1. Sounds like his preschool provides wonderful socialization and academic experience for him. I used to teach in a very similar preschool and loved it. Children in our district are eligible, based on diagnostic need, to enter preschool here in WV at the age of three. I’m glad things are timed more easily for you this year. ๐Ÿ™‚ Awesome!


  2. Oy!! That is so awesome! Celebrating with you! It’s also my sons last year of preschool, I too don’t want to think much about next year. However, the teachers in his class are so awesome, they’re considering working him into a a couple hours of kindergarten on a weekly basis beginning second semester – he has a full time aide though. Maybe that’s something your school can considerโ€ฆ Just thoughts to make transitions better for everyone.
    So excited for you though! Our son’s first day was awesome and it’s such a relief. Glad you also work with some great teachers, makes it so much easier.


  3. Its so awesome to hear that you guys get ABA threapy for free in a classroom setting. In Australia we are not that lucky. We send My Little Learner (who is about to turn 4) to a Program called Little Learners which is very similar to a childcare / kinder (pre-school) setting. He goes 4 days a week, his threapy is however one on one which is just amanzing. For this I have to pay $70,000 a year! Really wish Australia would regonise what other countries are doing to help kids with Autism and how they offer families such relief!

    Glad to hear day 2 went just as well, its amanzing when you get such a win!!!


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