Maybe There Is Something To It…

I’ve started reading Jennifer, Gwyneth & Me: The Pursuit of Happiness, One celebrity at a Time by Rachel Bertsche. It has reminded me that I was to try to learn how to cook more this year, which I need to get back to.

It also made me look at what I wear every day. Rachel talks about how she tries to channel her inner SJP and gets dressed every day, even when she is just working from home.

This made me want to look through my closest today. Since I’ve started losing weight, I’ve kind of lost track of what my wardrobe is. I know I have some go to outfits for line dancing and girl’s nights out, but I was sure what I had the rest of.

I also forgot about clothes that I can now fit into, thanks to being almost 20 pounds lighter.

I realize that I have enough jeans that fit that I can wear a different pair every day. I also have plenty of tops, and everything else I might need to look somewhat presentable every day.

It has me thinking that maybe I should give this “getting dressed” thing a try. I might be more apt to go out on play dates if I wasn’t in my pajamas all day. I might get some extra spring in my step and energy to get some stuff done.

Of course, today I’m in a black tank top and black workout capris, but I do feel better about the potential of having to open the door today than I did yesterday (pajama pants.)

In the process, I discovered a bunch of clothes that need to be washed. I don’t have a clear understanding of what my wardrobe is like these days, but I’m getting excited to discover all the cute things I can wear.


3 thoughts on “Maybe There Is Something To It…

  1. Wow, what a fabulous result! Bravo! I think for a lot of people when they lose weight, it can become confusing when deciding what to wear. Your body shape is changing and the clothes you wear will be changing along with it. I love the excitement you feel for your wardrobe again! The key when dressing any body type is to create a balanced top and bottom half.

    I’ve just relaunched my site and my focus is on body image, complete with my own Body Shape Guide – called The Body Bombshell Formula. It shows you what to emphasise and what to conceal in order to create that balanced look. I’m also going to be doing best clothing choices for each body type to shortly. I think you may find it all really useful as your fabulous body is changing. xx


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