Weigh In and Check In – 8/29

I lost three pounds this week, getting back down to my lowest weight (since I started this) of 230. I am down 18 pounds total. Which, puts me so close to my first 20 pounds I can taste it!

I am on track for my fitness challenge. This will be the first time I have ever completed a 30 day fitness challenge like this. I can still do the push-ups in one rep, even though I’m up to 19. I can do the sit ups in one rep, which I’m up to 29. The Burpees I’m having to slip into two reps (I’m up to 15, and can’t seem to get back 10 at a time.) I have to admit, my second “set” are never as powerful as my first set. It’s like once I stop my momentum I can’t get started again.

I’m excited to plan what I’m going to do for September. I think this 30 day fitness challenge is an awesome idea for me, and it gives me a chance to get in the habit of these kinds of exercise without the pressure of having to do a lot of it.

I’d love to stick with the push ups and crunches, I’d like to get up to 50 reps of each a day. I think I’m ready to do a challenge + push ups and crunches. I think for my challenge I want to do squats, for sure. I’d like to find something for my lower stomach, that doesn’t hurt. I’d love to try to get into planking again, but it seems like I don’t have the technique right and end up hurting my lower back. I’ll be on pinterest the next couple days figure it out.

I also went chasing waterfalls last night. More accurately, I revisited my first waterfall. I suppose I should say I was chasing my first high.I will probably blog about that later.


5 thoughts on “Weigh In and Check In – 8/29

    • Thank you. I have had quite a bit of non-scale victories. I can’t wait until I hit 20 and take another picture. I don’t see a difference in the mirror, but maybe I’ll see a difference in the pictures?


      • Are you feeling a difference in the way you get around, or seeing it in your clothing? I know after I lost my first 20, my size 22 pants that I was squeezing myself into finally fit instead of me having to use a button extender to wear them! I bet you will see a difference in the pictures. It’s great that you’re doing good physical exercise as you lose. It makes such a difference in how you shrink. I only have a couple of pounds to go to my goal at this point, but other than my lose stomach skin, that would take either surgery or a miracle to get rid of, I’ve not ended up with a bunch of lose skin everywhere else like I worried about. Keep up the good work and workouts. Stay positive. Everyday you’re making a small difference that will add up to your goal! 🙂


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