Positivity Experiment – Conclusion

Yesterday was the end of the week long positivity challenge. One my Day 1 Post, I brought up some questions.

Question: Can I be positive and have opinions at the same time?

Answer: I found it very difficult to have differing opinions with someone and be positive at the same time. I think this has less to do with have a negative attitude and more of a lack of tact on my part.

Question: Can I be positive and assertive at the same time?

Answer: I actually think it is possible. There is something about how to word things, but in general there is no shame in just walking away.

Question: Can I be positive while working on my other goals?

Answer: This is something I have been battling for awhile, anyway. I do think it is possible to work on my other goals (specifically my fitness goals) and still be positive in general. For me, it’s about seperating my self esteem from the goal. I love myself regarding of what happens. Of course, it’s hard not to be positive when you accomplish a goal, too 🙂

Conclusion: I would maybe give myself a 60-70% grade on this task as a whole. I definitely still have room for improvement, but I’m glad the universe gave me plenty of chances to practice my positivity skill.


6 thoughts on “Positivity Experiment – Conclusion

    • I can’t say I am happier than I was before. But, I think I am more aware of what I say. The same kind of thing happened when I tried to go 24 hours without “body shaming” myself. I’ve become more aware of what I say.

      In some ways, I feel like focusing on being more positive made it harder to be more positive, if that makes sense. It put more pressure on it, and make me almost over think what I was saying and thinking. I honestly kinda feel like I was more positive before I started the challenge.

      In general, I want to continue to kinda pay attention to what I say. But, in general, I hope to continue trying to be a positive force for “good.”


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