Dillon Falls – The Untold Story

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A friend of mine and I have been trying to hike the Dry River George for months now. We keep waiting for it to reopen. While we wait for that blessed occasion, we decided to check out Dillon Falls. I hadn’t done Dillon Falls for my Oregon Waterfall Tour blog yet, so it was perfect!

Until we arrived at the day use area, I thought they had been here before. This turned into my first hike, I guess except Chush Falls, where no one knew where they were going.

We did bother to check the trail board before heading out. The trail was well marked, and my friends had read that it was a six mile hike.

After a few feet we came across this view:



It was pretty. We did look at it for awhile, and then headed on our way. We had six miles ahead of us after all.

That six miles led us to lots of Mosquitoes. So, take note, the Deschutes River has tons of mosquitoes is some areas. We were not quite prepared for that.

We finally came up to a trail map.



It was at this moment we realized that he had parked at Dillon Falls Day Use Area, and perhaps we had gotten lost. Luckily, at that moment a trail runner came through. We asked him if we were headed in the right direction of Dillon Falls.


It was back the way we came.

Remember that picture from the beginning, that was Dillon Falls. So, we walked an extra 1.3 miles we didn’t need to.

It’s okay though, the company was amazing. I got almost 3 miles of hiking in, and there is nothing wrong with that. I was home, showered, and back in bed before my son woke up for his morning cuddles.

So, please, take this lesson from me. Always look at trail boards! The internet isn’t always right.


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