Day 1 of the Positivity Experiment

A new acquaintance of mine suggested on Facebook the other day that I join her on positivity challenge. For one week, starting today, we both will only say positive things. I quickly agreed to join her, as I am beginning to love challenges.

For the purposes of my blog, I’m going to call it a Positivity Experiment. For the next week I am going to experiment with both my thoughts and my words, in an attempt to be a more positive presence for others around me as well as have a more positive internal dialog.

I have a couple goals/questions:

1. Can I be positive and have opinions at the same time? Is there a way to positively express a dissenting opinion without coming across negative? I feel like my view of positive people is that they are always agreeable and affirming.

2. Can I be positive and assertive at the same time? I am really curious how this would play out. I wonder, if, in the face of something being a negative influence if I can find a way to stand up for myself and my beliefs while at the same time continuing to be a positive force. I honestly hope not to have to test this at all, but if it should come up I look forward to trying to work it out.

3. Can I be positive while working on my other goals? I, of course, am still working on my fitness challenge and my general desire to become more fit. Can I work on these things and have a positive mind set? It goes back to a post earlier about being body positive and focusing on weight loss at the same time. This positivity experiment is an extension of this crisis of opposing goals.

I am maybe halfway through my day, well, I guess more than that. How have I done so far? Fantastic. I found some negative thoughts while cleaning today, I get those a lot while cleaning, but they were swept away thanks to some Michael Jackson. In general, I haven’t had a lot of reasons to struggle with my positivity challenge today.

I may watch some Parks and Rec episodes later. Rob Lowe’s character, Chris Traeger, has been coming to mind as an unofficial mentor for this challenge/experiment. Even when dumping someone, he was extremely positive and affirming.

6FDL31xIn general, I am looking forward finding the sunshine in every day. I love that I am always jumping at a chance to learn more about myself and become a better person physically, mentally, and spiritually.



7 thoughts on “Day 1 of the Positivity Experiment

  1. Great idea! And, no I don’t think you’re negative! I love your questions though, and I believe you can be positive and have opinions, be assertive, and work on goals at the same time. 🙂 Just my opinion.


  2. Two thumbs up for the positivity experiment. And yes, you can choose to approach virtually anything from a positive angle! And that does not diminish energy and power at all. Positive isn’t just luke warm, it can be hot and fiery. Almost every emotion we attach to things has both a positive and negative. I’ve heard and agree,when we choose positive, we attract positive. But truthfully most times it does take some rearranging to get there! Best wishes, and it’s a great idea!


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