8/15 Weigh In & Challenge Check In

I’m up six pounds from last week. I’m not even sure how it’s possible to gain six pounds in one week. I feel like something is not right here.

I also know I haven’t done a good job of drinking water the last week or so. I got my water bottle washed and back out. I need to get back into the habit of always having water in it and sipping out of it all day.

On the physical challenge, I am still on track. The burpees are getting tough. I might have to start splitting them up and doing them in sets. Doing 9 in a row was pretty tough for me today. The crunches are starting to burn, which is good. The push ups are also really starting to burn. Those are going to turn into sets soon, as well.

I am really proud of myself for keeping up with it. I don’t know if I have ever taken one of these fitness challenges this far before, and I look forward to taking it to the end. I’m already thinking about what changes I want to make for next month’s.

I also have had a lot of success on the dance floor. I danced five line dances in a row last night, which came up to almost 20 minutes of constant dancing. (It was 80’s night, and 80’s songs are long!) I can tell that my endurance for cardio is improving.

In a previous post I talked about my adventure hike last weekend. That also felt like non-scale victory, on many levels.

I feel like I’ve come up against some judgement about my weight. It’s hard to tell whether it was directed at me, and my last weigh in post, or not. I’m not sure it really matters who’s post it was directed at. The only person who should be judging whether someone needs to lose weight is themselves and their health care team. The only person who should be judging whether someone is living a healthy lifestyle is themselves and their health care team.

Went on a soap box for a moment…

I feel like this judgement has made me look hard in the mirror about what I project to the world around. It made me realize that every time I go for a hike, or dance, or do any physical activity that I am showing that anyone of any size can do whatever they can set their mind to.

I’m proud to be an example of not letting your weight dictate your hobbies. I am proud of being an example of someone who is proud of themselves no matter what I look like on the outside.


4 thoughts on “8/15 Weigh In & Challenge Check In

  1. I am so proud of you for sticking with it!!
    I hope this week doesn’t discourage you from continuing on you’re fitness journey.
    You’re post have inspired me to try to better my physical fitness and I would like to thank you for that. Since I’ve read your first post I’ve been trying to do the 7 minute workout app.


    • How is the 7 minute workout app? Do you like it? I have such a block against “working out”, it kinda sends me for a mind trip. I feel like this fitness challenge is helping me get over it a bit.

      I feel like I’m learning to focus less on the scale, and more on my non-scale victories. So, even if the scale is saying different, I know I’m on the right track.

      Thank you for writing! šŸ™‚


  2. Its actually pretty difficult to gain one pound of pure fat in a week. Youd have to eat an excess of 3500 calories. Most likely you ate something salty or sugary and are retaining water or once again not getting enough water also makes you retain. I wouldn’t worry about it too much. šŸ™‚


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