Out Of Words?


I’ve been telling myself for the last three or four days that I need to post something. I just haven’t thought of something worth posting.

My life has been pretty boring.

Our son has had a friend over to the apartment quite a bit. He’s from the apartment upstairs. I think it’s a tough adjustment for both of us to go from just the two of us to an extra little person. Especially since that little person is more focused on playing with the Xbox. I can’t blame the kid, I totally had friends growing up that I only hung out with because I wanted to play with their cool stuff. We’ve had a break for visitors for a couple days. It’s been nice.

In general we have been socializing more, and get our son around others more. I’m surprised how well it is going, and how few physical outbursts we’ve had. I’ve seen a lot of improvement in this area.

We are still working hard on our park tour, which is where the flower is from. We have done 31 parks. Our son still enjoys throwing bark chips up in the air more than he enjoys the play equipment. As long as he has fun.

As for my weight loss journey, I was disappointed to see that I am up two pounds since my weigh in on Friday. I always seem to be two steps forward one step back. In general its progress in the right direction.

We have put Slim-Fast on hold for a bit, it really is hard to keep to in a long term capacity. I am just working on being mindful of what I eat in general. I don’t expect to way less when I way in on Friday.

I am doing well on the Ipockolyptic Workout Challenge. I did forget to do it over the weekend, so I caught up on Monday. But, officially, I have no missed a workout so far. I’m excited about that. I did change the sit-ups to crunches. After the first day my back really hurt, which makes me think I forgot how to do sit-ups properly. Maybe after this 30 day challenge is over, and my upper abs have gotten a chance to learn how to work again, I’ll try it again.

I have not hiked as much. I think I am just adverse to hiking in the heat. I’m much more of a fall and spring hiker. I am hiking to a falls on my birthday Sunday, so that’s exciting. I’m sure I’ll have tons of pictures for that!

So, yea, that’s the Ipockolypse update in a nut shell. I’m still doing my best to take over the world! 😉


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