Letting Him Spread His Wings

cute hermit crab

We spent the afternoon in the courtyard of our apartment complex. This is a normal thing for most of the families here, but it was our first time participating.

Our son played with the neighbor kid from the apartment above. It’s the same kid that he played in the puddle with a few days ago. Our son is really starting to come along in terms of actually socializing with others. He still spent most of his time by himself throwing dirt in the air, but those moments when he broke out of his world and interacted were magical.

I also enjoyed the fact that our son is really staying close by these days. He will come when he is called. It is an absolutely relief that we can take him outside to play like the rest of the kids in the complex knowing that he will actually stay around and listen to basic instructions.

Our upstairs neighbor happens to be someone we’ve known for awhile. I was surprised to see that she knows so many of the other neighbors. I finally asked her how she met everyone. We’ve lived in this place for almost three years, and I don’t feel like we had made any real connections yet.

She told me that it was really her son. He goes and plays with other kids, which makes you go and meet their parents.

It made me realize how much of a hermit I have been with my son. He and I rarely go play with the neighbor kids. I would usually stare out our kitchen window with envy, wishing we could.

Today showed me how far along my son has come. My husband was able to sit in the grass, and I was able to lay down with my head in his lap. Our son was able to be a “normal” four year old, and kinda run free. He got to play in dirt, and kick a ball, scream and run like the rest of the kids.

We have a tentative mommy/kiddo play date, the upstairs neighbor and I, scheduled for tomorrow. Maybe I can get connected in with the mom crowd here now, and be less of a hermit. I think it would do so much for our son to have social interaction every day. His really does repeat the words he hears, and copies what other kids do. The idea of giving him that therapeutic time almost every day is making me cry happy tears.

I know some of this is about me learning to let go, and letting my son get past my arms reach. It’s still not easy for me. I have a very hard time not hovering over him.

It’s time to let him spread his wings a bit.


5 thoughts on “Letting Him Spread His Wings

  1. It’s one of the toughest things for a parent to do. I remember being very hermit like with my first. I had a hard time the first day in pre-school, I had a hard time the first time that he had a play date. I had to learn as much as my boy had to learn. But, the beautiful thing is we learned together and everything turned out alright.


  2. This is awesome for you and your husband as well as your son. It’s so good to start to enjoy outings when you don’t have to be so much of their play mate and they can go and play with other kids with you watching on and enjoying an adult conversation.


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