Moonlight Swim

*Please excuse typos, I am still on “vacation” and using my phone.*

I do a lot of complaining about what life as special need parents is like. I do a lot of focusing on the negatives.

Any parent in our position can agree that there are a lot of negatives to focus on.

To have alone time of any sort, we have to wait for our son to fall asleep. Tonight it was 11:30pm. Yup, almost midnight.

If Little Man went to sleep at the same time as his cousins, my husband and I would have been in the pool before the sun went down.

We would have enjoyed the pool while it was still hot outside and the water would have felt like a tepid bath.

Instead we swam at midnight.

The only light was from the full moon. The stars were plentiful. The air was cool and the water had a slight bite. As hot as it’s been the last couple days (over 95*) it felt amazing to feel cold.

Because it was dark and everyone was asleep…. we skinny dipped.

For the first time in my entire life, I swam naked. It was amazing.

If it wasn’t for our son going to bed so late, I dunno if I would have experienced something so beautiful.

I can either go through life focusing on all the things I can’t do, or I can start enjoying the things I can do.


4 thoughts on “Moonlight Swim

    • I had never done it. It was crazy… and absolutely awesome. It was a touch cold, but worth it.

      And, yea, I was paranoid half the time that a neighbor would see. lol. That probably is part of the fun.


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