Winston Wildlife Safari


Part of our family vacation was a trip through the Winston Wildlife Safari. It is a drive through self-guided tour that features animals from all over the world.


This picture makes me smirk. It’s like the bear was deep in thought. Many of the animals were in seperate smaller pins, groupes by type. For example, all the bears were together.


Some of the animals just roamed the plains. The zebras, my son favorite, walked in a herd next to the road.


This Giraffe walked right in front of my parents’ car at one point. He didn’t care.


Near the end of the tour you can by “feed me” cups full of food to feed the animals. We went through when it first openned, and this Emu was insisted that he be fed.


The deer were much more gentle. It felt like a disney movie they way they would trot to the car and eat out of our hands.


The price of the safari can seem kind of steep, but you get to go through twice in one day. Also, my parents got us all a great deal on Groupon.


If you can do it, then totally do it!

*Please excuse any typos, I’m on my phone tonight.*


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