Road Trippin` With Little Man

Please excuse any typos, I am on my tablet.

My paranoia about parenting in public is well documented. The idea of taking our son out of his environment and routine gives me a serious case of the grumps.

On the way our son got car sick for the first time. Man, that was not fun. It also made me, again, cranky with my husband decision that a taco bell quesidilla was a good lunch choice for Little Man.

I was cranky most of the weekend, though I worked very hard to hide it. My son never had a good breakfast. Lunch always happened way too late. The only meal that was remotely easy was dinner. I learned to just pack all of his meals in the future, no matter what the families plans are.

We had to explain that Little Man “talks differently” because he thinks differently to the cousins. (Ages 8, 7, 6). They were getting tired of hearing the same sentances over and over. Apparently Little Man`s cousins do not share his affinity for Wheel of Fortune and Skype`s testing service.

The oldest cousin shared a bed with Little Man, and conveyed his displeasure for middle of the night rambles and cuddles. My husband and I, on the other hand were ecstatic to have both boys asleep before midnight both nights. Little Man stayed asleep all night. We rarely manage this at home.


Little Man also did some hiking with the family. Usually we put him in the big stroller, but we let him get out and walk with his cousins. This went amazing. There were a couple times he would get kinda stuck in his dirt stimming. We easily pulled him out of it and got him moving. He never wandered away. I was such a proud mama. It also provided some cute pictures.


The safari was not quite his thing. He did point out and correctly label a zebra. It was the most functional language of the weekend. It was a beautiful moment.


In general, this trip went as I expected on the family front. I`m sure it seems like mostly complaining. We had some ups, we had some downs. It`s the way it goes. We made some pretty awesome memories I will remember forever.



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