Please excuse typos. I am on my tablet.

The threat of rain, and my son`s stuffy nose, is keeping us indoors today. I would be more bummed about it, but we got more than plenty of sunshine and swimming yesterday.


I also have a fur-brother on a hunger strike. He is so attached to my folks. It has me a a little worried.


I am still reflecting on the time spent with my brother this weekend. Well, time spent with his kids. I spent a lot of time with his kids. It was nice.

It seems my brother wasn`t very interested in conversing with me. I was avoided most of the weekend. Looking back, we have never been that close. Expecting to have some deep heart to heart was unrealistic, looking back on it now. Talking isn`t our thing.

When he got cornered, I finally found out what he wants sent in his care packages. Red vines. I was warned not to send twizzlers, he hates those. I may send a package of twizzlers on ocassion to fuel his hate fire. I did get to hear that he has a reputation within the unit as the ultimate badass. This defintely makes me feel better. A badass who eats red vines.

All and all, I have not ugly cried since before leaving. The trip seems to have knocked some logic loose. Maybe I feel better because I was reminded that my existance is a nuisance to my brother. Whatever. At least I`m not a cry-a-saurus-wreck anymore.


3 thoughts on “Realizations

  1. Im sorry for what you are going through hon, its hard enough to have a family member who is being deployed but when it is a strained relationship that makes it even harder. Sending hugs and prayers your way. Also I kinda understand what you’re going through i haven’t spoken to my sister’s or mother in more than 3 years.


  2. UGH, family relationships sometimes… Sorry you’re dealing with it. I admire your energy though. Having a child with special needs adds so much stress to a person, then having family issues along with it… You’re doing great! And hey, if his platoon calls him the “badass” then it’s obviously him. 😉


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