Trip Overview

20140704_081941I have enough material for at least three different blogs, and that will happen! But, I decided it doesn’t hurt to do a quick update.

It made a huge difference to spend time with my brother. He’s still the overly quiet, not really wanting to talk, kind of guy. There’s a lot to be said about this, later.

20140706_120934We say three different beautiful waterfalls. One of the trails almost killed me. Also brought some encouraging news on the child front. So, I can’t wait to talk about that some more.

Also, don’t forget to check my Oregon Waterfall Tour blog for info on these trips, too.

20140705_091706Some of my best pictures came from the Wildlife Safari in Winston. What an adventure!

We are home long enough to repack before we head out again. I might be able to work on this blogs from “the road,” but I can’t guarantee anything. I missed you guys!


5 thoughts on “Trip Overview

  1. That is the true beauty of digital photography. You can just snap away and come back with hundreds of photos. I love it.
    Looking forward to reading and seeing some photos of your trips.


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