Bracing For Impact


Well, July is here. I have dreaded this month. It is going to be full of travelings, and emotional turmoil. I’m clearing my schedule, and making plenty of room for self care. I can’t afford to be stressed, or over scheduled this month.

I suppose it’s not all bad. We are also house sitting for our folks for a week and a half, in between trips. It will be tough holding down two households for a bit, but the idea of a big, fenced back yard and pool do help numb the pain. I have a feeling those days are going to be like a mommy vacation. I can’t imagine my son having any complaints about being able to run free, without mommy hovering over him. And, what kid says no to a pool every day?

I’m not sure what my internet access will be like some of the time. I’ve already pawned off my Facebook Group responsibilities for the month (like that is really important, pfft.) This means I dunno what my blogging life will be like, either. I’m hoping that I don’t get so out of practice that I lose my momentum in this hobby. I think it’s been good for me.

So, now I just brace for the impact of the experiences to come.


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