Walking and Dancing

I think I have a new walking partner. She is the new friend I mentioned in the post, Why I Make A Bad Friend For NT Parents. Things are going well and the friendship is progressing.

Which means I have one more friend to keep track off. It’s amazing how one Facebook group has turned my friend circle from none to tons! I’m not complaining, I promise. I just wish I had more time to develop the friendships I’ve made instead of playing cruise director for 480+.

Anyway, we went walking today. It was awesome. We walk at the same pace, which is hard to find it seems like. My new friend wants to walk three nights a week. I’m stoked!

So, after walking two miles I went line dancing tonight. I was on my feet for almost two hours straight. I learned three new line dances. And, I danced four line dances in a row. For the record, that is the most I’ve ever been able to do back to back. Two of them were intermediate dances, so they were hard and fast. (That’s what she said.)

I’m feeling pretty proud of myself today.

I wish I could danced longer tonight. But, it was concert night at the bar. Lame! I can’t dance tomorrow night, it’s Ladies Poker Night. I know my husband has a bracelet that totally looks like a World Series of Poker bracelet. I’m putting that one along with my shades. Penny poker, here I come!

The intermediate level dance I learned today. I wish I could find a better video:


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