Feelings Of Self Worth

I am a creature of habit. Since I have started line dancing I have parked in the same parking spot.

I park WAY in the back.

I realized as I was pulling in tonight that all the spots in front are open. They are usually open. And, yet I park WAY in the back of the lot.

I realized in that moment I didn’t feel comfortable parking up front because I felt like those spots were special. For people who were cool.

I didn’t feel deserving of close parking.

It is amazing the self worth issues I’m encountering now that I am on this journey of badass-ness.

You know I took my close parking spot. No more of this nonsense. No more assuming I am less than others.

Now I am sitting in the bar waiting for lessons to start. I am filled with positive energy and excitement. I am learning a new dance tonight I’ve been waiting to learn for a long time.

When it is empty, I realize a dance floor is a blank canvas. Every step I take on it, a brush stroke. Every dance, a masterpiece. I am glad to see I am starting to treat the rest of my life the same way.



6 thoughts on “Feelings Of Self Worth

    • Thanks. I learned Copperhead Road tonight, and it is not as fun as it looked. I’m glad to learn it, but I probably wouldn’t choose to dance it again. Overall I had a nice time, as I always do. Line dancing is my stress relief these days. 🙂

      Thanks for the comment! 🙂


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