The Green Eyed Monster


I have a lot of great qualities as a friend. I’m a great listener. With exception to family obligations, I will bend over backwards to help any way I can. I am available to talk almost 24/7. I’m witty. I’m pretty awesome.

Like most people, I have some less than perfect attributes as well. One of my biggest is my friendship jealousy.

As a wife, I don’t get really jealous of other women with my husband. It doesn’t bother me if he’s hanging out with a female friend. I know he’s going to come home to me. Whatevs.

But, when it comes to my platonic friendships, I’m a little… possessive. Once I mentally claim someone as a friend, they are MY friend. I have real problems hearing they hang out with other people with me. It’s like they are my favorite toy, and no one else can play with them.

Psycho much? Perhaps.

I’m not even sure why this is a thing. I have more than one friend. So I don’t know why I have problems with other friends having friends. None my friends have ever made me feel excluded. None of my friends are blowing me off for other people.

There is no rational reason why any of this should bother me.

And, usually, I’m not going to whatever it is because I’ve said I’m busy. I can’t expect my friends to stay home and mope because I have plans.

In the case that has me thinking about it tonight, I have to stay home and spend time with my son so my husband can have a night out. Which is totally reasonable, because I get to go get out ALOT. He deserves some time out, too.

It might not help that my friend is hanging out with a chick I’m not a fan of. Yea, not a big fan. I’m pretty sure she’s not a fan of me either. Yea, that’s bringing up some feeling of anger. My lip is currently curled up. Then again, maybe she’s cool. Chick might just be an acquaintance who got caught in the cross fire of an ended friendship.

Man, girl friendships are complicated, aren’t they?

Do you experience friend jealousy? Is this something I should have grown out of by now?


7 thoughts on “The Green Eyed Monster

  1. I dont have friends now, because of my addictions I have secluded myself from pretty much everybody. But when I did I was very jealous of my friends, so your not wierd, or at least not compared to me lol. 😉


  2. I think most people in general feel that way whether or not they’d admit it. It’s not that you don’t want your friend to have a good time, you’d just rather have been there and been a part of the good time than be hearing about it. That’s pretty natural, I think. At least to me, haha.

    Not to say that it can’t go overboard sometimes, but most people maintain their cool.


  3. I used to feel friend jealousy, but not anymore. Now when I am hanging out with a friend, I think of other friends that she might get along with and how to get us all together. I’m like a friend matchmaker. I don’t know when or how my jealousy changed, so I can’t give any advice or anything. But…if you can tell me how to get over husband-friend jealousy, I’d appreciate it! 😉 I am crazy-jealous possessive of that guy!


    • Yea, I totally play friend matchmaker wit my friends, too. I wonder if today I’m just jealous that my friends are going out and doing stuff, and I’m at home. *shrug.* I’m not sure why I’m not crazy-jealous over my husband. He’s an amazing catch.


      • I hate being stuck at home on a Saturday. My husband is gone so much during the week that he likes to be home during his freetime, and I’m home so much in the week that I just want to be out. I almost went over to my sister’s today to lay on her bed (she’s homebound) just for a change of scenery. I can go out by myself, obviously, but I’m so meh today.


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