No Body Shame Campaign

I am not sure how I first came across Whitney Thorp. I honestly just don’t remember. I do remember the first video of her I saw.

Dang girl, go get it!

That video led me to this video.

I’ve been sitting on these videos for awhile now, but I came across them again today. I realized that I encounter the most body shaming from myself.

I talk mad s**t about myself. I use my weight as a punch line for jokes.

So, tonight I am taking a vow. Starting from when I post then, I am going to go 24 hours without body shaming myself. That should be easy, right?

I’m going line dancing tonight. I crack a lot of joke about my dancing. Examples:

Japan felt that earthquake.

It’s like I’m doing the truffle shuffle most of the time.

No wonder very few men in the bar as me to dance, who wants to get into a ballroom hold with a planet?

But, once I hit that publish button… no more! If that means I just have to say less, so be it. If that means that I have to take a compliment about my dancing with a smile and a thanks, instead of a “well, I guess I did okay for taking up so much” then bring it on.

No Body Shame Campaign!


8 thoughts on “No Body Shame Campaign

  1. This is awesome!!! I’m so glad you’re going to work on not body shaming yourself. I used to do the same thing. Every single time you feel like doing it, say something positive to yourself about yourself. Try to do this for 30 days and I’m betting that you’ll break the habit. Also, put positive post-it notes on your mirror area where you get ready for the day. Do this in your car, or in your desk drawer at work, too.
    I think the videos are awesome, too. I do a lot of dancing as exercise for weight loss and love it! I hope you have fun line dancing!


  2. I also make a lot of jokes at my own expense, my favorite one is where I try to explain what small breasts look like after having four kids, you give up? Picture a golf ball in the bottom of a tube sock.


  3. You go girl! Great post and inspiration. I find I “shame” myself first to beat others to the punch most times, which is not giving others very much credit and slants the way they see me. Not a good view of humanity, is it? Thank you, good wholesome food for thought!


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