No Body Shame 24 Hour Challenge – Update 1

I just got back from line dancing. It has been six hours since I made my pledge to not body shame myself for a 24 hours period.

Let me tell you, it’s been really hard.

It’s amazing once you start consciously paying attention to behaviors you never focused on before, how much you notice. I had to stop myself from saying horrible things about my body at least one in every conversation. It made me realize I am really nondiscriminatory about who I will talk s**t about my body to. I would have said something to EVERYONE I talked to tonight. Even strangers.

Of course, going into specific detail of what I wanted to verbalize about myself would defeat the purpose. I’m sure I could be breaking my own rules by still having unspoken negative words.

Baby steps.

I imagine the next 8 hours will be okay, because I am going to go to sleep. I’m safe for that time.

I can understand why I am so hard on myself in a bar, surrounded by people. I am used to using my self deprecating humor as a way of entertaining. I enjoy making those around me laugh. So, I can see why my No Body Shame Challenge was tough for me there.

What will happen in the morning? I will be home with my son, not really talking much. I feel like that should be a breeze to. I feel like the hard part of this challenge is over, but we will see.


1 thought on “No Body Shame 24 Hour Challenge – Update 1

  1. I engaged in self-deprecating talk as a way to acknowledge to others that I was aware of my weight and aware that it set me apart from the norm of their bodies. Even though I was extremely self-conscious about my size, I thought that if I made a joke about myself, made them laugh, they would be more comfortable in watching a fat woman doing whatever I was doing (dancing, etc.) and would be less likely to make their own jokes. I wanted to connect with the people I made laugh. Humor was something we could all have in common, even if it was at my expense.

    Keep up the good work! Stay mindful! 🙂


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