I don’t need to atone, but the walk was nice all the same

If you noticed, I “fell off the wagon” last night. I broke down and ate the most delicious double western xtra bacon cheeseburger I’ve ever had in my life. I also had a quesidilla, large fry, and about a quarter of the soda.

I fell of the wagon my butt hurt a little, metaphorically speaking.

Yea know? I don’t really regret it. I’m ok with it. I know I shouldn’t be. I’m sure in some way I should really be beating myself up about it. Maybe shaming myself. But, why?

Anyway, I went on a walk this morning with an acquaintance I had been meaning to catch up with. She can be a little slow on the trail, but it was nice to spend the time enjoying the view.



Even at our slow pace we did the 3 mile loop in an hour and a half, which really isn’t bad. Myfitnesspal says I burned over 400 calories, which I will need for the party I’m going to tonight. Well, and the cheating we will probably do this afternoon, too.

Anyway, sure, I should probably feel like this walk is trying to help make up for my binge last night. But, I don’t feel like I need to. (Besides, did I mention I was down a pound this morning on the scale?) The walk was nice all the same.



6 thoughts on “I don’t need to atone, but the walk was nice all the same

    • I lost track, so I can’t even add what I ate the rest of the day to my food diary at this point. Though, I might still try. We went to an italian restaurant. I’m sure I blew my diet there, too. But, I’m proud that I did not get any pasta. So, even if I did go over, I did have some success. The party was fun, it was a clothing exchange. I keep meaning to writing a post about those in the 21st Century Friendships blog… it’s a great way for women to get together. But, anyway… it was fun! 🙂


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