Potty training…..

If the last three hours have taught me anything, it’s that this process is going to take awhile.

My son’s preschool had been doing something cool with my son through the year. When they would take him to the bathroom to change his diaper, they would sit him on the toilet for about 10 seconds.

The school sent him home with the PECS cards that they use to walk him through the whole process.

Today is the day we start at home.

My son feels the change in the routine. He’s been irritable all morning. He’s also refusing to eat breakfast.

Like all things, it will be a process. Within time he will get used to the change. Until then, it’s time for what I call, “gorilla parenting.”



8 thoughts on “Potty training…..

  1. That’s a good idea about sticking them on the potty. My daughter is almost 2 and doesn’t really say real words yet, (yes I’ve had her tested :)) so when I try to “explain” Im not sure the message is getting across.


    • I’ve had her tested…. sorry, that made me chuckle. Do you get that question a lot? I don’t know if I would have asked, even if you hadn’t told me. Maybe I’m just so used my son’s language speed I forget it’s abnormal…

      It seems quite a few kids on the spectrum have problems potty training. My son is 4 and we are just now attempting it. I still don’t see any sign that he understand when he goes in his diaper, or any care in the world. So, we will see. Right now I’m only making my son sit there for 10 seconds.

      Thanks for the comment. And all the likes! ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. We are in the middle of potty training my son and though he isn’t autistic, I can definitely relate to the frustration aspect! ๐Ÿ™‚ I am hoping we get a breakthrough soon and that he gets to the potty ontime, not by fluke but because he thought he might need to go!


  3. Oh, potty training. You’re picture about sums it up. I’ve gone through three kids so far and I need to start on the twins but I’m dreading it like a root canal! (Not that I’ve ever had one!) good luck! I’ll see you in the trenches.


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