Weigh-In Friday & Food Diaries

My online weight loss support groups does our weigh in on Friday. I maintained this week. I will take this as a victory, with how horrible I’ve been at eating this last week. I haven’t have not really done any exercise other than line dancing last night. I attribute that to my sun burn. I have not been in the mood to be in the hot sun when I’m nursing a blister-level sunburn.

I would say that the SlimFast/MyFitnessPal hybrid has not been as successful for me this week. That’s not to say it’s the fault of the products. Slim Fast requires a lot of will power, and a willingness to give up A LOT of my favorite foods. It’s those foods that got me where I am, it’s hard to turn my back on them. It’s like saying no to an adorably cute puppy sometimes. My pasta, and fast food, are so lonely without me.



That being said, it’s not the end of the world. My husband says his pants already feel looser. It makes me want to punch him the face. Not really, just an expression. Men always seem to lose faster than women.

Anyway…. on to the embarrassment that is admitting my horrible eating of the last week.

Food Dairy 6-9This day was actually an almost perfect textbook day. I did well. I did have an extra snack, but that’s okay. It’s happens.

Food Diary 6-10


My husband and I went out for lunch. Once you cheat once, you cheat again. We got a pizza. I learned a couple things this day. Cheating only begets more cheating. Also, I cannot stop when it comes to pizza.

Food Diary 6-11


What’s not listed on this day is the Fro-Yo we had after our date night. I’m sure that adds another 200 calories.

Food Diary 6-12


I also am beginning to think I cannot really trust MyFitnessPal on calories burned on my “workouts.” I’m not sure there is anyway I really burned 1,457 calories last night. I was out for almost five hours. I know I dance more than half the time. So, 3 hours seemed fair. But I don’t think it was 1,457 calories worth of cardio.

Another common goal between all of these days if I haven’t been as good about drinking water constantly. My favorite water bottle was my parent’s house. My new water bottle got dirty quick. I do think I’m more successful if I’m constantly drinking water. Something else to improve on this coming weekend and week day.



2 thoughts on “Weigh-In Friday & Food Diaries

  1. I’m impressed that you journaled everything, even your “cheats” I do that too, but it is hard (and I don’t post my food on my blog. Way to face your demons!!

    Slim fast is not a bad thing, in and of itself, but there are ingredients in the product that contribute to your food cravings. (Pretty much any processed carbohydrate will do it, plus many artificial chemicals) I believe that anyone trying to maintain a slim fast program long term is setting herself up to fail. And then we say we lack will power, when it is actually our bodies chemistry.


    • I didn’t keep it up over the weekend. To be honest, it was just too hard. I’m trying to look at eating better the same way I looked at quitting smoking. I never officially quit. So, if I slipped, oh well. It took a lot of the willpower struggle out of it for me. I just had to make a decision for that moment whether to have one or not, not carry the weight of forever… if that makes sense. When it comes to eating better, I just have to make good choices in the moment. But, I agree that Slim fast has a lot of processed carbohydrates and artificial chemicals. I’d like to get into a “cleaner” diet. Trying to get my husband on board is the hard part, and if my husband isn’t on board my temptations are even larger.


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