Dancing With Myself

So last Friday was my first “challenge level” line dance lesson. I left that lesson feeling very defeated. I had absolutely expected to be able to nail that line dance.

Yesterday I decided to find some youtube videos explaining this line dance and try to learn it at home. It took a good couple hours, but I managed to finally learn the dance!

I cannot explain how excited I was, and still am, about this.

When I went to the bar last night, I put in a request for the song. I figured that there would be other people who had known the dance before, and I could follow them if I got lost.

Apparently, I was the only one in the bar that night who knew that dance. Instead of taking pity on me, the DJ kept going. I danced the song all by myself. I’ll admit, I lost my place a few times, but I held my own.

There was something invigorating about doing a “challenge level” line dance by myself. There was no way for me to pretend there were not people watching me. I knew my bar friends were watching. I admit I felt really light headed the first couple walls, and I know it was nerves.

When I was done, I got off the floor and a friend of a friend came up to me. She said watching me dance was like watching a summer breeze. It was so sweet.

Side note: I wonder what kind of room this video was taken. It looks like a courtroom with some interesting balcony seating….



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