Choosing To Abstain – But Not From Food

I am choosing to abstain from the writing 101 prompt today, I feel like I’ve bored you all with enough fiction for one month.

My husband and I were blessed with a date night last night. My parents took my son for the evening so we could have some alone time.

We had an okay dinner at a local restaurant. It totally blew our diet (the meal was over 1000 calories on it’s own). I’m not sure it was totally worth it. I would have chosen to explode my diet for the day on pasta, but my husband REALLY wanted to try this new place. Who am I to say no, right?

For the record, any place that sells beer should sell mozzarella sticks.

Next we went to Geeks Who Drink down at the Volcanic Theater. We got 5th place, which wasn’t so bad. I think we were the only two person team in the place. We were competing against larger teams (no bigger than 6, though.) I think in terms of trivia we held our own. None of the rounds were really centered around our strong subjects. My favorite part of this even was the congratulatory kisses when we did good on a road, and the hand holding. For a bit, it felt like dating again.


Afterwords we had some frozen yogurt. I didn’t put this in my MyFitnessPal food diary. My cup was pretty conservative, though. Just some Vanilla with sprinkles and caramel. My husband cup was a menagerie of flavors I couldn’t begin to believe were meant to be mixed together. He enjoyed it though.

We ate our frozen yogurt, enjoying the last bit of our adult time before heading to pick up our son. Since he was off schedule at this point, the rest of the night was rough on the sleeping side. It was well worth it. I’ll take some lack of sleep as a trade for leaving Mommy Ipockolypse at home and just be Mrs. I for awhile.

Now I get to be Mommy I for the day, Mrs. I for a couple hours when my husband get home, and then “Friend/Fun I” when I go line dancing tonight. Maybe I’m so bored at the thought of writing about three separate perspectives because I constantly live in that intersection anyway.




5 thoughts on “Choosing To Abstain – But Not From Food

  1. Date nights are so important and having one or two excursions from a diet is okay 🙂
    It’s the totality of it all that matters.


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