Twin Bulls Fire Update


The fire is 25% contained, and there are fire lines all around it. To date, no structures have been damaged, and the only injury attributed to the fire is a scrapped leg.

So, all and all, Central Oregon is in great hands thanks to the tireless efforts of those responding and battling the blaze. I suppose we are not officially out of the “woods” yet, but they have lowed the evacuation levels for most of the homes originally affected.

This has brought some publicity to the region. A newlywed couple got the most amazing wedding picture ever!



You can read more about the actual story, here. I will say, it has been proven this picture isn’t fake. There are some locals a little upset, though. They feel like the couple, and the photographer, took advantage of a really bad situation for their own benefit.

Honestly, I got married in the same hall they did. If someone would have interrupted my ceremony, I would have taken this picture, too!

But, the biggest controversy over the fire (other than finding the a-holes you started it) is cookies. Central Oregon is so full of kindness that a bunch of us (I say a bunch, it’s well over 200) wanted to make some homemade cookies and take them to the fire camp.

What better way to show our appreciation?

Apparently, you can’t do that. I get what they are saying, you don’t want over 1000 fire fighters getting sick because of improperly cooked cookies. And, really 200 women making a couple batches a piece is A LOT of cookies. I imagine wildfire firefighter camps don’t have specific cookie storage.

More on the cookies, here.

It says something about Central Oregon, doesn’t it? We have artistic people. We see the bright side of things, and find ways to make them positive. We also get really pissy when you don’t let us make you cookies.


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