A Day At Sea

20140610_151815 - CopyHistory is thick here. The tug boat that my son captains has been around here for generations. I shepherded that boat. My step-father shepherded that boat.

The sea of bark chips is full of swimmers today. It’s a gaggle of sailors going from one ship to the other. There are adult watching, each standing their own watch. The sun is beating down on everyone today. I am blessed my husband nabbed the only picnic table in the shade.

As we watch our little sailor from the shore, I can’t help but be proud. He’s not taking turns, but that’s alright with us. No one has started a mutiny about it yet. The rest of the deck hands just around around finding other gadgets to manipulate.

Our little Captain disembarks to find adventure inside a structure made of tubes. He disappears inside, out of sight from our watch post. After some time we decide to mount a rescue mission.

We find him sitting at the top of a tube, looking down at an endless path. The Captain is resting his sea legs.


Writing 101, Day Eight.




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