To Pick One Would Be Unfair

Writing 101, Day Six: A Character Building Experience is the cruelest prompt I’ve been given in this class so far. I have met so many people in the last year that to big just one to write about would be crazy!

I have met this one lady. Met is a strong word, I’m still not totally sure she knows I exist. She has spoken to me before and has laughed at one or two of my lame jokes. Most of our interactions are on the floor, where she coaches me through some line dance that I haven’t quite mastered yet.

There’s an ease to her line dancing. It’s as if she has done these dances for so long that they are ingrained on her muscle’s memory. There is not a single ounce of sweat on her when she comes off the floor, no matter how long she has been out there. Her short, bouncy, hair seems to stay in place while at the same time following her movements naturally.

For all her technical prowess, you almost forget that there is technique to this dancing, at all. The personal flare she brings to every dance outshines everyone else. There are times I have a hard time watching anyone else, no matter how crowded the floor is.

I finally gathered enough information about her to stalk her on Facebook. I know, I’m a little twisted. There was a hope in me that I would find some flaw, something that would make her seem more human the next time I had to dance next to her.

And yet, the highlight reel of her life seems flawless. Absolutely, flawless.

I am jealous of her, and at the same time wish I was her.



4 thoughts on “To Pick One Would Be Unfair

  1. I liked that post, it was honest and to the point. It actually sounds like something I would have said if in fact i would have thought of something to write about that is. good job


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