Weekend of Food Diaries

I would say this past three days have been relatively successful on the diet and exercise front. I’m not sure how to really calculate my line dancing. I know it’s good exercise, I just don’t know how to quantify it in a way that myfitnesspal can give me an accurate picture.

On the diet front, I came  in well under goal for calories. I’m not sure I really earned back over 400 calories line dancing, but I’m sure I earned less than 200.

On the exercise front, I learn on Friday night that I am not quite ready for challenge level line dances. That’s ok. I don’t have to worry about trying again until next month.

Food Diary 6-6


Saturday, at least from the food diary, didn’t go so well. But, in general I would have to disagree.

On the exercise front, I hiked Smith Rock. We walked for almost four and half hours. I would call it hiking. Myfitnesspal would call it walking. We disagree. I “walked” almost four miles round trip, including some pretty nasty uphills. Oh, and I had my backpack on that probably added an extra five pounds or so.

Me at Smith Rock

Me at Smith Rock

On the food front, I suppose I could have done better. We got invited to eat dinner with a new friend of mine and her husband. They were very specific that they also wanted us to bring our son. It’s not very often we find friends who are open to hosting our son, or insistent about it. I suppose I could have ate let, and I probably didn’t need the cocktail, but I’m okay with it.

Food Diary 6-7



Today, Sunday, is another mixed back.

On the exercise front I had another pretty good day. I walked another four miles this morning. It was an easier hike that Saturday’s, and more leisurely. We spent time by the river. It was glorious.

On the food front, my husband and I decided it would be a cheat day. So we had lunch at my favorite pizza place. Then, we had dinner at the McDonald’s in Walmart before we started our shopping.

Food Diary 6-8


We decided when we started this SlimFast/MyFitnessPal diet that we would do it until Sunday and reevaluate. I am happy to report that my husband decided he was on board to continue. I could not be any more excited! We are going to be very strict with ourselves during the week, but play a little looser on the weekends. It may slow down the weight loss a little, but at some point we have to practice making good food choices in the real world. As you can see by this weekend’s food diaries, we definitely need the practice!


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